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Leg Recovery Boots

Leg Recovery Boots

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Origin: Mainland China

Size: Medium

Size: Small

Size: Large

Application: LeG

Item Type: Foot Care Tools

Increase flexibility, improve muscle response and decrease the likelihood of injury by targeting tight, tense muscles and fascia.
With more sizes, more features, more control, and more power than the competition.

There are eight air chambers from the foot to the thigh, and each section can be opened and closed independently. Compared with 4-5 air chambers, it can promote blood flow more thoroughly
Five kinds of loop programs
A.take turns
C.Take turns in pairs
E.A+B rotation

Pressure range 30-250mmhg,There are 7 levels of addition and subtraction
Size S , suitable for height <155cmSize
XL , suitable for height 155-173cm
Size XXL, suitable for height 174-185cm
Size XXXL, suitable for height >185cm
Size trousers XL,suitable for height 160-183cm
Size trousers XXL,suitable for height 184-200cm

Voltage 100-240V, all over the world, plug has European plug and American plug, we will choose the appropriate plug for you in the destination country

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